A Pause

Some of the more observant among you may have noticed that this episode, number 11, has been delayed. There is a story, of course, and it is a challenging one. Without getting too deep into the details, earlier this month my father died. While his passing wasn’t a real surprise to us in one sense – he was 91 years old, and his health had been declining for most of 2018 – it was then, and remains, a powerful transformation of my life.

With that in mind, I want to share a story with you from my Nigerian colleague, Titi Ogunnaike, about the river Olu that seems particularly relevant now. Then I’ll share a couple of thoughts about the transformations that enter our lives when a loved one passes on, as well as a couple of pleasant anecdotes about my dad.


  • Introduction
  • The River Olu, a traditional tale of the Yoruba told by Titi Ogunnaike.
  • The Power of the Pause, A reflection on the River Olu and Jewish mourning customs.
  • A Remembrance, a taste of the life of John Brulé – http://johnbrule.com/

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Contributors and Thanks

Titi Ogunnaike
Titi Ogunnaike

Titi Ogunnaike is an emerging storyteller from Lagos, Nigeria. Watch for developments from the highly talented – and motivated – storyteller!

Joe Eglash

Thanks to musician, producer, and mensch Joe Eglash for composing, performing, and recording our theme music. Learn more at http://joeeglash.com/

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