East and West


This episode, our guest is Martin Manasse, a storyteller from England who has a story for us about two kings, and two kingdoms, and … well, you will be certainly be engaged by both the story and the way Martin tells it.

What you are hearing today originally aired in November of 2020, and yet I think you will be moved by its currency.


Martin Manasse is an accomplished storyteller from England. He says, “I have been indulging in my love for telling stories since 1995. I tell folk tales, wonder tales, stories from all over the world that inspire or mystify and, in particular, stories that enchant. I have worked with audiences of all ages and take as great a delight in reminiscence work as in inspiring young minds. I have also run story workshops and sessions on story making with children and adults and have experimented with the use of music as an inspiration to story making. I have experience of multi-lingual storytelling from my many travels.”

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